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Alex Giurca

The forest-based bioeconomy: actor network, policy and politics in Germany and northern Europe

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Angelika Kübert

Extreme drought in grasslands determining the vegetation-soil-atmosphere process using stable isotopes

Chair: Ecosystem Physiology

Anja Nölte

Developing forest growth models for native tree species in Costa Rica

Chair: Forest Economy

Anja Bindewald

Criteria and assessment of the invasiveness of introduced forest tree species in Europe

Chair: Silviculture

Annette Bösmeier

Exploring and analyzing data for reconstruction and modelling of historical flood events within the Upper Rhine area

Chair: Physical Geography

Anran Luo

Circular Economy in China: transformative policy or policy in transition? A discourse analysis

Chair: Circular Economy

Arthur Jakobs

Hybridisation of life-cycle-asses and Input-output models through the use of maximum entropy theory

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Benjamin Hennchen

The local food systems as a field of practice and knowledge

Chair: Environmental Governance

Bettina Joa

Local biodiversity knowledge and forest conservation practices

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

David Sipple

Eingebundenheit kommunaler Ernährungssysteme in Marktnetzwerken

Chair: Environmental Governance

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Emma Gothar

Fishing for Litter - A Market-Actor-Network Perspective on Marine Plastic Waste Management

Chair: Environmental Governance

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Eulalia Baulenas

Policy integration across the water and forest sectors

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Felicia Linke

Biozidauswaschung an Fassaden

Chair: Hydrology

Georgios Skiadaresis

Effects of groundwater extraction and extreme drought events on vitality and growth of pedunculate oak (Quercus robur) trees

Chair: Silviculture

Gilang Hardadi

Distributional Analysis of Carbon Tax in Germany Using Macroeconomic IO table

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Hanna Helander

Concepualizing and Measuring material flows and environmental impacts in a bio-based circular Economy

Chair: Circular Economy

Harald Honer

Chair: Forest Growth and Dendroecology

Jana Baldy

Kommunale Ernährungssysteme - Eine Aalyse aus politikintegrativer Perspektive
Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Janna Wambsganß

Effect of tree species diversity on fine-root traits and decomposition in mature forest stands across Europe

Chair: Silviculture

Johannes Litschel

Muße im Wald

Chair: Wald und Forstgeschichte

Julia Federer

Capturing market dynamics - the role of actors´market perceptions in the development of existing markets

Chair: Environmental Governance

Kavya Madhu

Prospective Assessment of Emerging Technolgies

Chair: Sustainable energy and material flow management, Industrial ecology

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Klaus Kremer

Conversion of exotic tree plantations into native temperate forests in South Chile

Chair: Silviculture

Linda Ruppert

Germany's geopolitical role within armament projects

Chair: Geography

Lionel Fosso

Integration of cllimate changes to forest management practices: a comparative study of the Black Forest in Germany, the Cerle Forest Unit in Turkey,the Bbmembalek Forest in Cameroon

Chair: Silviculture

Locardia Shayamunda Locardia

Small Farmers´stragegies in dealing with crisis: Responses of rural socio-ecological systems to politic crisis in Zimbabwe

Chair: Silviculture

Lukas Baumbach

Economic implications of tree species shifts under climate change in Central America

Chair: Forestry Economics and Forest Planning

Marina Roth

Effects on nitrogen deposition on potentially eutrophication-sensitive temperate forest types

Chair: Applied Vegetation Ecology

Marit Van Tiel

Drought resilience in glacier fed hydrological systems: tracing trends and changes

Chair: Enviromental Hydrological Systems

Marlotte Jonker

Bat & forest structure - the effect of retentio measures on biodiversity

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Martin Ritter

Sharing Economy as pathway to Sustainability?
Chair: Environmental Governance

Marufa Sultana

Patterns and drivers of urban biodiversity in Southern Asia and Western Europe

Chair: Wildlife Ecology and Management

Marzena Wilczynski

Market dynamics in the development of the Biomass-to-Liquid-Innovation in Germany

Chair: Environmental Governance

Mathilde Erfurt

Drought in Baden-Württemberg

Chair: Physical Geography

Melani Pelaez Jara

Science-Policy-Society Interactions in Environmental Risk and Adaptation Policymaking: Evidence from Latin America and Europe

Chair: Sustainability Governance

Mubarak Abdulkarim

Late pleistocene fluvial dynamics in the upper rhine plane

Chair: Sedimentary Geology

Nicholas Pythagoras Ndlovu

Topic tbc

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Rafael Bohn Reckziegel

Structural and functional analysis of trees in different land use systems

Chair: Forest Growth and Dendroecology

Rio Aryapratama

Estimating climate change mitigation potential of bio-based materials use

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Robert John

Marketization of sand in Cambodia: global networks, conflicts and materialities

Chair: Geography

Robin Bourke

Simulation räumlich hochaufgelöster Böengeschwindigkeitsfelder zur Minimierung des Sturmschadenrisikos

Chair: Metereology

Robin Schwemmle

The combined impact of climate change and adapted land use management on water quality

Chair: Hydrology

Romane Berthelin

Characterization of recharge and ETP processes in Karst systems under different climates and different land use types

Chair: Hydrological Modeling and Water Resources

Sophie Mailänder

Analyse und Bewertung des ökologischen Zustands von forstwirtschaftlich genutzten Wäldern der Hartholzaue

Chair: Silviculture

Stefan Reifenberg

Forest ecosystem modelling

Chair: Forestry Economics and Forest Planning

Stefanie Klose

Efficiency of copper

Chair: Industrial Ecology

Sylvie Berthelot

The influence of phenology and species origin on tree-herbivore-enemy interaction networks in a tree diversity experiment"

Chair: Biometry and Environmental System Analyisis

Saito Dai

The influence of nutrient availability on the relationship between species richness, functional diversity and productivity in juvenile tree communities

Chair: Silviculture

Tunde Olarinoye

Comparative karst hydrology

Chair: Hydrological Modeling and Water Resources

Wibke Müller

Water governance: drought poling stakeholder interaction

Chair: Forest and Environmental Policy

Yanling Zou

3D object recognition in forest

Chair: Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems

Yuki Henselek

The economic insurance value of wind pollinators in almond orchards in California

Chair: Environmental Economics and Resource Management

Zhenyu Ma

Object classification using lidar data
Chair: Remote Sensing and Landscape Information Systems











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